5 Natural Metabolism Boosters

5 Natural Metabolism Boosters

Posted by Team Nuts for Protein on Jan 31st 2019

Metabolism Boosters

Science tells us that we burn more calories per day by way of our operating metabolism than we do in our workout sessions. Workout sessions will burn the most calories in a given period but by increasing our metabolic rate we will effectively burn more calories around the clock. 

First, we know that by having more lean muscle our metabolism will increase because our bodies need to work harder to support muscle tissue as oppose to fat tissue. A sound strength training routine will help us with his. Now, to take things a step further, here’s a list of foods that you can pick up at your grocery store to naturally boost your metabolism.

1) Green Tea

2) Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder (Spicy foods)

3) Nuts and Seeds

4) Broccoli

5) Cinnamon

Many of these foods help based on their anti-oxidation components and/or natural thermogenic effects. Both contribute to the increase of your metabolism.

Along with these foods, proper water intake and a sound diet/workout routine you can naturally and effectively burn more calories around the clock.