Meatless Meat! New look vegan burger and meat companies.

Meatless Meat! New look vegan burger and meat companies.

Posted by Team Nuts for Protein on May 9th 2019

We know many of our customers choose Nuts For Protein because they believe in the plant based lifestyle. We also know that many of our customers may not be fully engrained in the plant-based movement however they enjoy our product because of the high-quality ingredients, the taste and how it makes them feel.

These new plant-based meat companies are no exception. They market to both vegans and meat eaters alike with claims that state their meats and burgers taste better than beef burgers.

We’ve tried many plant-based burgers. Everything from the Boca and Black Bean Burger, all the way to Nut based burgers. These burgers taste nothing like a beef burger, however for those that are committed to the plant-based lifestyle, those were the only options.

Now, with companies like Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger, they have managed to hack the taste to not only give the patties the consistency of a beef burger but also the perfectly seasoned taste of a beef burger. Most, in blind taste tests cannot tell the difference. Even the long-time beef burger eaters have said they prefer the Beyond Meat Burger or the Impossible Burger. The main ingredients are pea isolate and many different plant-based oils.

Without a doubt you’ll have to try yourself. At the moment, Beyond Meat is available in many grocery stores where the Impossible Burger is only available in restaurants.

Grab one today and let us know your thoughts!